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By Matthew Burak, Founder & Designer


Our Mission

We seek to empower all people with the right knowledge, materials and support for creating and customizing their own furniture pieces and more. By expanding and improving our cohesive selection of furniture parts, architectural columns, attachment systems and table and base assemblies, we hope to extend to the general public our passion for beautiful designs, unique solutions, and one-of-a-kind pieces built to last for generations.

Proudly crafted in Vermont.

We’re proud to be a small but creative manufacturing company in rural Vermont. When you order from us, your purchase supports local jobs for our skilled craftspeople—more than 20 local families thrive when you buy from

Because Design Matters

At, our designs come in many sizes—and any custom variations you need. And every variation in leg size requires a new custom-scaled leg design. We do this so you can achieve the best overall balance in your design, as you envision it. 

The proportional changes of increasing or decreasing the size of a wood turning have to be mirrored with equal-percentage change in every detail.

This process might sound just mathematical. Well, math gets you close; however, getting the math right is only the start. After the mathematical calculation, good design requires a trained eye to see what has changed for the worse, and to correct it.

Always Refining 

I’ve never designed a single product in my life that I felt couldn’t be improved. The process of designing requires examining every detail—defining and refining the relationship of all the parts that make up the whole. In my line of work, there is always more to offer. 

It drives my staff and my wife nuts.  It's also what makes our designs stand out at

Happy woodworking!

- Matthew Burak