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Our Quality Guarantee

our-quality-guarantee.jpg"Quality assurance is in the company's culture," says Matt Burak, founder of As designer and maker of fine furniture for over 50 years, Matt built his business reputation on the principles of uncompromising designs created from exceptional materials. From receipt of the order through the final packaging, Matt and his daughter Kate make it crystal clear that customer service is the number one job for all employees. Our institutional knowledge and customer satisfaction define who we are.

Starting by sourcing the best North American hardwoods, we select for uniformity of width, color and grain characteristics. Where lamination is required for larger designs, the thickest lumber available is used to minimize glue joints. Superior raw materials, although costing more, are the foundation of our quality. is a multi-generational business, with Matt's daughter Kate Davis, the CEO, ably managing all aspects of the company. Our dedicated staff represents more than 20 local Vermont families. Our culture is one of constant improvement, and we invest extensively in ongoing training. Our employees are highly respected craftsmen with years of experience.

Matt states openly that he's never designed anything that couldn't be improved. He means that both products and process are re-examined regularly. Our Customer Service Specialists review every order making sure we get it right the first time, creating lifelong customers. Your satisfaction is our main concern.