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Monocoat Finish

Discover the Best Natural Wood Finish with Monocoat

All about monocoat

“For 40 years, oil has been my finish of choice. Monocoat is simply the best oil finish ever - and every woodworking friend I’ve turned onto it agrees.” - Matthew Burak, founder of

Monocoat Natural Wood Finishing Service

At, we only use one finish with our high-quality wood products - Rubio Monocoat. It is the best natural finish money can buy and is the premier choice for finishing beautiful, authentic wood furniture to bring out the true beauty of each piece. 

The other guys use low-grade materials with a stain to make it look like real wood surfaces. We don’t do that here. Instead, we only trust Rubio Monocoat finish. When you use quality materials like we do here at TableLegs, there’s no need to hide behind a wood stain! Though there are many Monocoat colors out there, we only use the Natural color to preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

What is Monocoat?

This plant-based, nontoxic oil finish is easy to apply, exceptionally durable, and truly beautiful. Monocoat creates a protective barrier unlike the other guys - no plastic coating or thick sealant to chip or wear through as you live with your furniture. Instead, this oil based finish creates a natural barrier by protecting the wood from the inside out, soaking into the wood grain, and sealing it completely. 

It applies quickly and easily with a foam brush or rag. Simply wipe off excess oil and buff to bring out the unique properties of each piece of wood. Its satin matte finish gives a soft, lustrous look to any piece of furniture, making it perfect for finishing natural wood. With proper maintenance it can last a lifetime. 

This durable finish is long-lasting and highly forgiving, resisting liquid spills, hot pans, scratches, and dents from everyday wear and tear. You can also use it on metal and stone surfaces. Not only is it great for indoor furniture, but we also recommend using Rubio Monocoat for outdoor furniture due to its protective barrier that resists the elements. 

How to Order Monocoat

How do you get your hands on this miraculous Monocoat? You can purchase Monocoat here and apply it yourself, or ask for us to finish any of the pieces you purchase at with Monocoat for an additional charge. Not seeing a Monocoat finish option for a piece you’re interested in? Contact us at 1-800-748-3480 to inquire about pricing for a Monocoat finish. 

For instructions on applying Rubio finish, read our article: How to Apply Monocoat Wood Finish.

Rubio Monocoat Samples

Need to see it in person? The below swatches are a visual of what Monocoat finish looks like on different types of wood, but photos just don’t do it justice! You can always email or call the number above to request a sample block of Monocoat in your choice of wood to be sent to your door. 

If we know one thing, it’s that many woodworkers need to feel the wood in their hands before they make a decision. We get it, and we’re happy to help! 

Rubio Monocoat Reviews

I purchased Monocoat for the Wegner table legs in walnut that I ordered. The Monocoat makes the grain pop on these beauties!”

- Steve S.

“The Monocoat finish is smooth and feels very durable. Order shipped promptly and was well packaged. Perfect for a custom kitchen island project.”

- Daniel W.

“...worth it to pay for the Rubio Monocoat finish, it’s great. So easy, fast shipping!”

- Jeff S.


“I built a Walnut table top... I used Monocoat Natural Oil Plus 2 to finish it and it came out great.” 

- John B.

“Rubio Monocoat is a great product with beautiful results when applied as described on website.” 

- Joel B.

“GORGEOUS. We ordered the walnut with Monocoat finish and they far exceeded our expectations!” 

- Rachel S.

Amazing! I ordered a racetrack oval cherry table but didn’t think how I was going to finish it so I read up and decided to order the Monocoat Natural oil. The instructions for use of the oil on the table website were very helpful. I didn’t know what to expect, but the finished product was very beautiful! It wasn’t difficult to apply and the finish is perfect. I love it! I definitely recommend it.” 

- Melanie F.