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​How To Build a Table Base

​How To Build a Table Base

Sep 18, 2023

Tables come in all shapes and sizes. That’s the beauty of them - no matter what your space, there is a table for you out there somewhere. Perhaps it’s a unique, antique wooden coffee table hiding in the corner of a dusty store, forgotten and waiting for it’s chance to shine again. Maybe it’s the marble slab side table with mid-century hairpin legs that would look incredible as a plant holder in your living room. Or it could be that dining room table you have completely built in your head, but can’t seem to find anywhere on the market to fit your home.

If that last scenario is you, then you have found yourself in the right place. specializes in custom tables from the legs up, and we are happy to help you bring your dream piece to life. However, the sound construction of a table is a lot more than slapping four legs onto a piece of wood! Perhaps the most important component of table making is ensuring your finished product has the structure and strength to support your daily activities.

1. Choosing Your Base

A table base is the foundation of your table, and whether you’re looking for a completely DIY custom base or a pre-assembled Fusion Industrial base, we are ready to help you lay that foundation! 

The first step is deciding what type of table you want to build. Modern? Colonial? Rustic? Choosing the base that will give your space the vibe you’re going for is half the battle. At, we have a wide selection of metal and wooden table legs and table bases to bring whatever flavor you desire into your living space. 

Once you’ve decided what style you’re interested in creating from our inventory, the next step is putting it together. While this is where most blanche with fear at the daunting task of assembling your own furniture, have no fear! has your back!

Choosing Your Base

2. Assembly - Choose Your Adventure!

There are two types of people who assemble furniture; those who read the directions cover to cover, and those who jump in with both feet without cracking the manual’s spine. There is no right or wrong way, necessarily, but everyone has been mid-way through a project, manual or no, and had to disassemble and start over. 

Thankfully, if you’re of the cover-to-cover manual reader persuasion, our EasyBase table bases are some-assembly-required and as the name suggests - easy. Not only that, but they come with a photo-guided “how to” pamphlet, which will win over even the most steadfast non-directioner you know. EasyBase makes assembly of table bases truly easy and accessible for all.

While the EasyBase assembly is great for those who want a handmade table without the hassle, there are the ever intrepid DIYers who want to build a base from scratch. If that’s more your speed, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our hundreds of base kits, legs and aprons sets, hardware, fixtures - the possibilities are endless. Consult with one of our experts to create the coffee table, dining table, farmhouse table, kitchen table - any table! - of your dreams. Not seeing quite what you're looking for? Struggling to make our EasyBases fit your space? Ask about our custom building services today and let one of our knowledgeable staff help you choose and customize your table, counter, kitchen island, or cabinetry today!

Assembly - Choose Your Adventure!

3. Finishing the Table

Once you’ve gotten your base in place, the last step is attaching a tabletop. The thicker the tabletop, the stronger the base you’ll need. Try one of our Fusion Table Bases if a thick and chunky butcher block top is your style. 

Attaching the tabletop to the base is the finishing touch to your new, beautiful table. When building an all wood table, you will attach using the pocket hole and pocket screws, leaving our hand-crafted wide board table tops untouched. This prevents screws and bolts from marring the wood grain artistry of your tabletop while still allowing for a secure and sturdy attachment to your base.

When building a wood table using materials from, you don’t have to worry about warping, as all of our table components are kiln-dried to ensure a low moisture content. If you build it, it will stay level, solid, and strong for years to come. Your table will no doubt be a centerpiece of conversation and an heirloom piece within your family for years to come.

Finishing the Table