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How to Attach Casters to Metal Legs

How to Attach Casters to Metal Legs

Sep 12, 2023

Picture this: you’re home in your living space. Your chic new table with a handmade solid wood top and luscious, glossy finish sits at the center of attention. You just got word that your in-laws are coming over, so you want to make sure under the table is clean as can be. One of two things can happen when that table moves:

  1. You struggle, sweat, and scratch up your floors by dragging it around to clean under it, or
  2. You push your table to the side with ease - no sweating, swearing, or frustration involved.

With our swivel caster options, you can make any table as easy to move as pushing a grocery cart. (Maybe even easier, depending on if you get the cart with the bent wheel or not.)

That all seems great, except for one thing: that chic new table we mentioned earlier? It has metal table legs. Last we checked, you can’t drill a hole and screw a caster into a metal table leg, right?


At, our metal table legs come with the ability to mount casters - both the total lock and the unlocked option - with ease. 

1. Choose Your Legs

Our Foursquare legs are the go-to for the DIY-er installing casters, as they are one even thickness from top to bottom. These allow for drill holes that are even and do not ruin the wood in any way. Our Foursteel legs are constructed the same way, but made from premium steel treated with a charcoal finish and precision welding that guarantees strength and functionality.

Steel legs are perfect for the thick, heavy table top of your dreams. They are able to withstand more weight overall, and can be attached directly to the tabletop as opposed to needing a table apron to stabilize them. There are many different kinds of metal legs to choose from, but when thinking about attaching casters, you’re definitely going to want to go with the Foursteel legs for your table.

Choose Your Legs

2. Determine the Number and Type of Casters

Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Four legs equals four casters. When thinking about casters, the number of actual casters needed for your legs isn’t what we’re talking about. 

When choosing a caster, you must determine the height you’d like your table to end up being prior to attaching them. A 3” caster will add 3” to the overall height of your table, while a 4” caster will add 4” overall. All casters have a full 360 degree swivel and come with a lock or no lock option. The Heavy Duty Total Locking Swivel casters lock with ease, securing your table in place when you need it while allowing for easy movement when the situation arises. These casters are perfect for projects like a professional kitchen, work shop, or garage, but can be tailored to fit the needs of your own home as well. 

Another key difference in the size of your casters comes down to the total weight of your table, and what you will be using it for. 

  • 3” casters support 125lbs each, for a total of 600lbs on a four-legged table. 
  • 4” casters support 175lbs each, for a total of 700lbs on a four-legged table. 

Ultimately, the casters you need will be determined, as with most tables, by what you’re utilizing the table for.

Determine the Number and Type of Casters

3. Mount the Casters

Once you’ve selected your casters for your table, it’s time to mount them! Luckily, when you order directly from, each caster comes complete with a threaded insert designed to accept the threaded stem on the caster wheel. For easy installation, simply drill the hole into your table leg, apply the threaded insert, and screw in your caster. 

If you opt for a metal table leg, we can apply/install the threaded insert for you, so all you have to do is apply your caster when it arrives. We value your time, and know it’s better spent doing things other than fighting with your furniture. 

Mount the Casters

4. Enjoy Your Easy-Moving Table!

The convenience, ease, and style of casters on your table or kitchen island will be a game-changer within your home. No more wondering what’s under the butcher block, or getting down on your hands and knees to clean the dust bunnies under your dining room table. Rearranging is effortless, leaving you redesign the space within your home whenever and however you’d like. Yet another example of how helps bring fashion and function into your home, no matter what you’re looking for! 

Enjoy Your Easy-Moving Table!